Kandahar 15 MW Solar project

The project located in Kandahar city.

This project has a capacity of 15 MW in DC and 12.5 MW in AC. By this way, 5 transformers are installed which each one of them has 2.5 MW Capacity.  The owner of this project is Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat(DABS) and the prime contractor of this project is Phelan Energy Group. The Installation of Solar Power plant indoor and outdoor equipment, including Testing and Commissioning of the project are including in our scope of work.  The construction and erection work was started on February 2019 and it is on progress and will be finished at the end of May.


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The Shahab Niru main fields activities on EPC base are as follows - Power plants - High voltage substation up to 500 KV - High voltage transmission lines up to 400 KV - Distribution and Electrical network of Industrial