The CP TD1 works as an add-on device to the CPC 100 ,CPC 80 or TESTRANO 600 which controls the measurement. In this manual, those devices are collectively named Control Device if no specific device is referred to. Do not connect the CP TD1 to any other Control Device  than the CPC 100, CPC 80 or TESTRANO 600.

The CP TD1 is an optionally available high-precision test system for on-site insulation tests of high-voltage system like power and measuring transformers, circuit breakers, capacitors and isolators. With the add-on device  CP TD1, the control device  increases its range of possible applications into high-voltage measurements.

When used with the CPC 100 or CPC 80, the CPC TD1 comes with its own CPC test card named TanDelta(Tangent Delta), which provides highly accurate measurements of the capacitance Cx and the dissipation factor tan? (DF) or power factor cos? (PF), respectively.